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The Cursed Catholic Church

If you have ever traveled around the province on the grid roads you will see how many rural churches dot the landscape. Due to the changing rural communities most of these churches are no longer used. Most have been been left for special occasions or abandoned all together, These churches are usually 50+ years old so their history is rich. One would think they would have interesting stories right? Well this one does... The story goes.. A nun at the catholic rural church was seeing a man from a non-catholic family. She found out she was pregnant. They tried to hide it but when the priest found out about the pregnancy from the non-wed couple he was furious. This was a huge sin and against everything the church stood for. So the priest took matters into his own hands and killed the nun after the baby was born.He also killed the baby shortly after. Since then the church has been cursed. Fact or fiction? You decide.  There are no records of this that I was able to find. I ha
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Batoche - A national Historic Site

Batoche if you don't know is a historic site in Saskatchewan. A beautiful, scenic and historic location. If you live in the Saskatoon area then you have probably been taken there on a field trip or two along with its neighbor Fort Carlton. However if you haven't heard its also apparently the site of a ghost or two. Some history on batoche: " In 1870, The Northwest was brought into Canada as a new territory. The Métis people were a half native, half French group of people who lived in these lands with no formal government or laws. They immediately reacted to the arrival of Canadian authority by challenging that authority and declaring that they should only be brought into Confederation as a province with recognized authority and representation. Louis Riel led this movement and the birth of the Province of Manitoba was the result. The Métis did not end up with the retention of the freedoms they valued and many moved further west into the Saskatchewan areas as Mani

Plains Hospital (SIAST Regina)

Plains Health Centre, April 1993. Pat Pettit (Regina Leader-Post) The Plains Hospital, also known as SIAST Wascana Campus in Regina. This beautiful 11 storey brick building was built in 1970-74 for 9 million dollars. It served as both as a hospital and was used as a university training hospital. It has large private patient rooms and was known for its architecture. It handled all the major branches of surgery and medicine but was recognized for its training centre. In 1987 is started to slow its training program and its support for sugery's. In 1992 it was slated to close and in 1998 it was decommissioned at the cost of 21 million and converted into SIAST (Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology) which it is still today. This hospital may not have been open long but it had many patients, many of which passed away in this building. Today it is a bustling school - a school that I attended for 2 years. During the day with so many students around the schoo

Fort San - Haunted: Building or Land?

As most of you may know Fort San Sanatorium has been demolished.. for the most part. There is a chunk of the main building remaining but it is boarded and both pasqua and mission lodge wings have been demolished. All the nursing houses, extra buildings, power plant and other buildings are gone as well. Of course there were many other pavilions back in the day that have been gone for many years. I suppose your wondering why I am telling you this? The topic of "tainted land" arises when a building is demolished. If a building is demolished, do the ghosts disappear? This leads to the question, do ghosts haunt the building or the land? I used to believe that ghosts were attached to the building, this changed after spending time in Weyburn Mental and Fort San. Both are major facilities were many people lived together and stayed until they died. Fort San of course had many more deaths but both locations have a long history in this province until there demolition. I can re

Battle at Fish Creek/Battle of Tourond's Coulee

The battle of fish creek is a National Historic Site - here is a bit of history...  "Battle of Touronds Coulee/Fish Creek is of national historic significance because: at this place occurred a military engagement of the North West Rebellion /Métis Resistance between Middleton’s North West Field Force and Gabriel Dumont’s Métis and First Nations forces. In the 1880s, people of western Canada, particularly Métis and some First Nations, were alarmed by the Dominion of Canada’s plan, as part of Canada’s National Policy, to survey lands of the Canadian west with a new grid land system to accommodate immigration and new settlement. With their concerns not being recognized by the federal government and tensions mounting, the Métis, led by Louis Riel and Gabriel Dumont, declared a provisional government at Batoche to have a voice and formally negotiate with the Canadian government. The provisional government declaration was seen as a revolt by the Canadian government that would

The Little Cedar Church

Oh the cedar church.. where do I start? There is a small rural church in this province that is completely cedar inside (smells like a sauna). That is why i call it the cedar church as I will not disclose its real name. I have visited this church twice - once during the day and once a night. I have had the same thing happen to me twice. All was well pulling up to the church, then I walked up to the church and opened the door. I got the instant feeling of being watched. It felt like I was not welcome in the church by whatever was inside. With a first step in the church I was instantly sick to my stomach - so much so that i had to back out and sit down. A terrible feeling from nowhere - when I was outside i was fine. It took some time but i did go inside, sick again ... I pushed forward. The little church is beautiful inside - pews still in line, some decor remains and the woodwork is fascinating! However I could not kick the feeling of being watched. I was uncomfortable the entire

A Catholic Haunting

 Saskatchewan is a province full of religion. Years ago their were many missions, convents and private catholic schools all over this province. Most of these locations were demolished but most of the churches remain at these sites. Some of the schools also remain around the province, most are re-purposed. Why am I telling you this? Because their is a haunted religious site where only the church remains that is known to be very haunted. The locals all know about this building and each has had a different experience. The church that remains at the site was becoming run down a few years ago. The building was falling apart and the vandalism was starting inside the church. I was told by some locals that people will feel their legs being grabbed, arms being pulled and there is a feeling of someone watching them. The church is very active and whatever remains is not friendly. It is believed that what remains is aggressive and doesn't take kindly to younger people that enter the chur