Wednesday, February 15, 2012

St.Louis Ghost Train

When driving through the small town of St.Louis be sure to check out the abandoned rail line, for you may see more than you bargained for. The abandoned rail line where the tracks used to be placed is home to phantom lights. These lights are seen every night and has attracted people for many years. They say that the light is that of a train, a ghost train. Others have seen a lanterns being held by the spirit of a conductor walking down the line. 
There have been so many stories told of this place but all are the same, ghost train and phantom conductor. Some people say that the lights are just headlights from the highway. But if this is true, why do so many people see the exact same thing? 
Check it out if your nearby.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Cannington Manor

Cannington Manor Provincial Park is a historic site located in Southeast Saskatchewan.

A society built on Victorian social values, complete with fox hunts, dramatics societies, poetry clubs, croquet, cricket and tennis ... all supported by an agricultural economy.  This was the dream of British settlers who homesteaded southeast of the Moose Mountains over 100 years ago.
Their way of life flourished for a few, brief years; but, by 1900, the village of Cannington Manor was abandoned.  The short life was a merry one, led by the Cannington bachelors (Remittance Men) whose whiskey camps, thoroughbred racehorses, and rugby teams became legendary.
Today, Cannington Manor Provincial Park recreates this exciting period of history on the original village site.  Original artifacts and reconstructed buildings allow costumed staff to bring Cannington Manor to life through interpretative programs and period demonstrations. 
Cannington Manor is rich in history and it seems that some of that still remains. There are many stories of this location being haunted. Most stem around one of the houses, a mansion and the graveyard.
While taking a walk through one of the houses and speaking with one of the workers dressed in costume I was told that that woman who lived in the house that was originally built in the location still remains. He explained that school groups come through and certain children will not enter the house because a woman dressed in old style clothing is standing at the door telling them not to come in. This happens often with this location. The woman has been seen standing at the doorway and throughout this house. The piano has also been known to play on its own. I was also able to speak with some people who had first hand experiences seeing this woman. 

The graveyard beside the church is known to have dis-embodied voices and sometimes people see figures wandering about.
Nearby the Cannington Manor park their is an old mansion. Now boarded up and secured this building is reported to be haunted inside. People have reported seeing lights and figures on the grounds around this building.

Whether you see any spirits walking about, lights flashing or a woman in old style clothing, Cannington Park is an interesting place to visit. Rich in history and a good way to spend the day, I would recommend you visit Cannington at least once. And who know's, maybe you will see something from the past.