Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Plains Hospital (SIAST Regina)

Plains Health Centre, April 1993.
Pat Pettit (Regina Leader-Post)

The Plains Hospital, also known as SIAST Wascana Campus in Regina. This beautiful 11 storey brick building was built in 1970-74 for 9 million dollars. It served as both as a hospital and was used as a university training hospital. It has large private patient rooms and was known for its architecture. It handled all the major branches of surgery and medicine but was recognized for its training centre. In 1987 is started to slow its training program and its support for sugery's. In 1992 it was slated to close and in 2998 it was decommissioned at the cost of 21 million and converted into SIAST (Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology) which it is still today.

This hospital may not have been open long but it had many patients, many of which passed away in this building. Today it is a bustling school - a school that I attended for 2 years. During the day with so many students around the school its hard to even think about its past or the possibility of it being haunted but when it gets late and the students have all gone the building becomes quiet. Of course the whole building is completely converted and its hard to tell what was where when it was a hospital but most people know someone that was in the hospital and can remember where everything is. Of course the morgue is down by the loading/receiving dock (easy access to move bodies out of the building as with most morgues). There is a nursing floor that was never converted - why change it when it was a former hospital. You can still see signs of its previous life and the feeling does change when you take a moment to sit and look around. It must have been quite the site when it was open.

I highly suggest walking around - who know's what you may see.. or think you see..