Monday, July 15, 2013

Weyburn Mental Hospital - Haunted Grounds?

Weyburn mental hospital was demolished by the government. It was a very sad day as they did not save any part of it...correction, they saved a couple small limestone pieces and have done nothing with them since. In fact they have done nothing to protect the pieces or create any historic memorial to the hospital. I predict they will slap a quick plaque on the ground stating the mental hospital was there and it will most likely get stolen in the future and then nothing. I don't blame the city who demolished the building, I blame the government for their lack of preserving history in this province. There are so many examples in this province of the government destroying history in the name of “progress”.

It was not long after the hospital was demolished that they started a housing development, which renders the question – would you want to live in a house that sits on the grounds of an old mental hospital? I will agree that it is a beautiful location – sitting on the edge of the river just on the outskirts of the city, however it is also full of history.

The Weyburn Mental Hospital is rich in history, unfortunately most of it is not positive. Most people that checked into the hospital never left and many people were left unclaimed when they passed away. Many things went on at the Weyburn mental hospital including testing, rape, abuse and more. Some people did belong in the Weyburn mental hospital and others didn't. In the early years people could bring relatives to the hospital just to get rid of them.

This all leads to the question, if the building is haunted do the spirits remain when the building is gone or is it really the land that is haunted? I have been in weyburn mental hospital and there were select areas that made me quite ill. Some area's were fine, other's not so much. With such a huge building I would get turned around but as soon as I was about to enter certain areas I would become sick immediately.

It seems weird driving down the long driveway and not seeing the hospital at the end. However, today even driving around or walking on the land with no hospital there I still feel ill. So yes, I believe that it is not the building that may be haunted but the land. Best of luck to those who decide to buy property on this historic land.