Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Monday, October 1, 2012

1800 College Ave House (Regina)

1800 College Ave was originally owned by a judge and family, then home to various other groups, a coffee house and now a computer repair clinic. This beautiful unique home located in Regina is built mostly of stone and is considered a heritage location.

As with most heritage locations there are speculations about the site behind haunted. Although the haunting's did not start coming to the surface until the building was turned into a coffee shop. Was this because spirits are believed to become more active when a building is being renovate? Was there to much change going on in the building that awoke some spirits?

There have been many suspicions about why the location is haunted, such as the nanny committing suicide, a woman drowning in the cistern and even a death in a fire. All of these have been debunked by families who have lived in the home.

So what are these spirits?

People have said to hear footsteps on the stairs, others hear voices and some smell baking coming from upstairs where there is no kitchen.  There have also been reports of people seeing an apparition on the main floor.

Why not bring your computer down to this location and see for yourself if there is something else living in this house.