Monday, April 15, 2013

McKim Road

McKim road is a lesser known haunting although not surprising. Saskatchewan is a large province and with so much space and rural areas, ghost towns and small settlements why do we not hear more about these hauntings?

McKim road is a grid road halfway between Yorkton and Melville. I believe it may have once been a small town site or settlement according to the maps. Today not much remains.. or does it?

As the story goes there was a man riding his motorcycle down the road and at an intersection he was hit by a grain truck and the man passed away. It has been said that if you park your car at the intersection at night you will see the light from a motorcycle travelling your way. Depending on the story it will turn off or keep going straight. If you follow it, the light will vanish. Some say if you do not follow it and keep the lights off your vehicle will shake, the light will vanish and your car will become dusty from the gravel and you will be able to see hand prints on the dash.

A reader of this blog shared a personal story with me about this road. They stopped one night on the road and saw the light. Nothing happened but when they went to start their car there was hand prints on the windshield, one was even dragged across.

I would like to thank the person who shared this personal encounter with me. I hope you do not mind me sharing part of your story. I have driven down this road many times but have never stopped, I will have to stop sometime and see if I can encounter something.

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  1. I've been here many times and seen the light of an approaching vehicle. It sort of turns to an orange glow sometimes. DisappearS and reappears. I can never explain it and I'm always super creeped out leaving there.