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Roche Percee Rugaroos

Roche Percee is a small village in southeast Saskatchewan. This village is rich in history ranging from ancient fossils, RCMP camps, underground mines and old towns.

Today Roche Percee still remains but after a massive flood in 2011 most of the town is gone, only flooded out houses remain and a few residents on higher ground. Driving around the area of Roche Percee the history from the past is still very evident especially the massive rocks that can be seen on the edge of town.

These rocks are from many many years ago when the valley was filled with water. The rocks were formed from the water rushing through them which is why some areas are like caves. Today these sandstone rocks are home to years of signatures being engraved into them. But these rocks are not only home to years of history and signatures, they are home to something else.

People believe that these rocks are home to "rugeroos." Rugeroos are believed to be ancient Indian spirits that change into animals, most commonly the coyote. These spirits are believed to be evil and will hurt you if you do not leave them be. Most people only see eyes (yellow or red) in the darkness but others have seen these spirits of people shift into animals. They do not speak but will growl and follow you until you leave.

These spirits have been documented for many years by locals and tourists alike. They are reported in various areas around Roche Percee but most commonly seen in the rocks at nightfall.


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Indian Head Screaming House

There is a stone house located just off the Trans Canada highway about 3 miles east of Indian Head known as "the screaming house". This house can easily be identified because it's two windows facing the tracks have been closed off.

This home was built by a family in the 1800's. According to the legend they say that one of the families children wandered onto the tracks and as the mother looked out the window she watched her child get killed by a passing train. The mother was so upset by this tragedy that her husband blocked  up the window's facing the tracks hoping to help cope with the event. It is said that the mother still relives this terrible tragedy and if stand in the downstairs room in the late evening when a train is going by on the tracks you can hear her screams.

Of course this is just a local legend and no one knows what really happened for sure. But people continue to visit the home and some claim to feel the presence of a woman and children.

Fort San Sanitarium

Before I tell you some of the tails at this old Sanitarium let me clear up some common misconceptions about Fort San...
Fort San is an old hospital for tuberculosis patients, not a mental hospital. It was home to many patients with Tuberculosis, people ranged from children to elderly people. Many people died at Fort San as with most sanitariums but there was no crematorium. The building at the back of fort san with the giant brick stack is part of the power plant, as is common with institutions this age - It is not part of crematorium. If anyone has seen a crematorium the stacks are quite tiny and much wider.The site does have an old morgue which was turned into the kitchen for the conference center. The bodies from fort san were removed through the back door by the morgue.

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