Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Old Taylorton

Taylorton is an old mining town. This town started on its original site in southeast Saskatchewan, which contained stone buildings but was moved to its new site a few miles away. The 'old Taylorton' site was home to a few remaining stone buildings a few years ago but due to vandalism and unsafe foundations it was demolished and is now a pile of stone. Modern Taylorton is home to ruins and foundations of a once bustling town. 

This story takes place at old Taylorton.

Stories have been told that there was a woman that died in the boarding house in late February. The ground was still frozen so they were unable to bury her. Her coffin was placed in the basement of the house awaiting the spring. When spring arrived her coffin was to be brought up to be placed in the ground, upon checking the coffee the lady was found be to lying on her stomach.

Local legend has it that if you stand at the sit of the boarding house at night you can hear her ghost wailing. I have also been told that upon spending time in the area, you may see the woman floating in the location of the old house.

The whole area has NO TRESPASSING signs posted by the
present Mining Company Owners.
It is very unsafe as there are old underground mines all over. 

The bunkhouse

Old Taylorton Site - This building is now demolished.

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