Thursday, March 1, 2012

St. Anthony's (Moose Jaw)

Moose Jaw is home to many haunted locations and no shortage of history.

St. Anthony's Home, formerly known as the Presbyterian College is a large old brick building that is situated at the top a hill overlooking Moose Jaw. The building was purchased by the Sisters of Providence and renovated into St. Anthony's Home. The Sisters also owned Providence hospital located in  Moose Jaw. Providence hospital was simply that, a hospital while St.Anthony's Home was opened simply to care for the elderly. Both buildings were closed in 1995 being replaced by the new Providence Place. Providence hospital was later demolished and St.Anthony's Home remains.

St. Anthony's home has many reports of the paranormal. There have been lights flickering on and off, doors unlocking and feelings of being watched or being grabbed. Stories of the paranormal are from the auditorium in the building as well as the top floor.

Most of the lights appear on the top floor of the building. It is said that if you drive by at night you can see the lights or glowing balls of light on the top floor.  I am not sure if this is still the case but it is said that the top floor of the building is no longer used.

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