Friday, June 15, 2012

Hospital (100 Doors)

Nokomis is a town in this province that when it comes to the paranormal has been attached to the haunting of an old hospital. I had always been curious about this location as there is the same story posted all over the net. They say that there is this old hospital called "100 doors" that is haunted. The building is said to be in the middle of a field, have a spiral staircase and a trap door to get into the basement. It is said that there was a young girl tortured here and you can hear her scream at night.

I have been out to Nokomis many times and have looked for this building and come up with nothing. After doing some research on the town I found out there was a hospital many years ago outside of the town with one doctor. The "hospital" would have looked like a house because it was not meant to have very many patients. If there is indeed a trap door it would have just been an entrance in the floor into the basement, probably used a storage. As for the spiral staircase, well i would love to see one in the province but I have been in hundreds of farmhouses around this province and have to see one. I also highly doubt that a house that was used as a "hospital" would have had a spiral staircase as that would have been very difficult to move patients up and down.

The story is a good one but i think it is indeed an old very small hospital that may or may not be standing.
Search for yourselves, but I have not found it.

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