Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Old Wives Lake

Old wives lake seemed like any other lake in the province until I inquired about the name. Hearing the tale about the lake and how it got its name I did some research to find out if it was true and to my surprise, it is an accurate historic tale.

So if you don't know the tale let me share with you.....

A group of Cree were camping on the edge of lake and were discovered by a party of Blackfoot. The Cree who were with families could not get to safety before the Blackfoot returned with a larger party. Since they figured the Blackfoot would return in the morning to attack with a larger group the elderly Cree women offered to stay behind and be decoys as the younger people escaped during the night.

Sure enough the Blackfoot attacked in the morning and finding that only the elderly woman remained they killed the "Old Wives."  It is said today that the spirits of the women inhabit Old Wives Lake and you will here there laughter that mocks the Blackfoot.

I have drive past this lake many time but have not had the opportunity to stop by. I plan to visit in the future to see for myself if I can hear the laughter and sounds of the "old wives."

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