Saturday, September 1, 2012

Jewish Cemetery

I have decided to make a post about a very unique historic cemetery in the province. It is a Jewish Cemetery and what makes it unique is the "grave houses." The cemetery features many old graves dating back to 1902 and has about 60 graves. Some of these graves have grave houses which are rare for Saskatchewan Jewish cemeteries.  This style of graves reflect an Eastern European traditional influence.

When I first found this cemetery I was intrigued at first by the houses. I had never seen anything like it and could not believe how many there were and different styles. Some were even updated to modern metal siding. The Jewish families have all moved away in the last 100 years leaving this cemetery the only remains of their settlement.

So why grave houses? Well some believe that they were built to keep animals and livestock away, keep the rain off, provide shade, comfort to the dead spirit and providing a home for the spirit of the dead are just some theories. Whatever the case may be they are not common in Saskatchewan .

The cemetery also features a shed that has information and artifacts from the graveyard. The grave houses are each individually unique and most headstones have Hebrew on them. This is by far the most interesting graveyard I have been to in the province.

If this graveyard is haunted, how do the spirits feel about these houses?

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