Thursday, November 15, 2012

General Hospital (Regina)

There are many rumours about hauntings that don't make sense. Like people thinking morgues are haunted. Why would they be haunted? No one died in a morgue so why would their spirit follow there body and then stay in a morgue? Doesn't make sense. However, a hospital being haunted - where people come to seek help and some never leave. That makes sense to me.

The Regina General hospital is no exception to the hospitals being haunted in this province. Built in 1900 it was not until 1907 that this hospital was known as the General Hospital. The south wing was added in 1912, a nursing home added in 1915 and the north wing was added in 1926 to accommodate more people. After the province bought the hospital in 1974 the hospital underwent a major additions and renovations due to the need for increased capacity this hospital became what it is today. You can still see the original parts of the hospital surrounded by its many additions.

The hospital has many stories attached to it and I am sure there are many more that people do not express. The stories that have been told are of a nurse running past people very fast that she looks like a blur, other people have seen an older nurse around the washrooms and some have just seen spirits of people in the hospital.

There have also been sitings of patients walking the halls and stairs. These spirits are most commonly seen on the fifth floor of the hospital. All the stories state that people see the spirits and they disappear just as quickly as they appeared.

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