Saturday, December 1, 2012

Smithville Cemetery (Saskatoon)

Most people only know about the Woodlawn cemetery in Saskatoon. Others also know about the Nutana heritage cemetery. But most do not know about the other heritage cemetery. The Smithville or Summerdale Cemetery is located west of the city. This heritage graveyard is small in size but dates back to 1901 - maybe earlier. On occasion it is still used but it does not see much activity these days unless you are talking paranormal.

I spent an evening photographing in this cemetery for a  project and I have to say it was uncomfortable. There are very few cemeteries in this province that make me uncomfortable but this one did. After talking to some people I found out there are stories attached to it. People have seen lights, heard noises, some voices and some have seen unexplained mists.

So why not take a walk around a this cemetery and see for yourself.

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