Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Bienfait Miners

Bienfait Saskatchewan is a small town located in southeast Saskatchewan. Now I know I have posted an article on the Estevan Mines being haunted and you may be thinking since Estevan and Bienfait are beside each other that they are the same. They are not the same, they were many many companies in the are that ran many types of mines - after the years the mines began to merge and all the smaller mines began to disappear being consumed by a large one.

The haunted mines around Bienfait take place in the various underground coal mines in the area. There are many legends and stories that relate to workers of the mines and accidents that happened. Many people died in these mines from collapses, gases and sometimes even fights. It is no surprise that these mines are haunted - unfortunately since all the mines are now filled in or mowed over by the new mine it is hard to find these.

If you know where to look you may be able to find an old entrance to one of the mines.. and who knows maybe you will meet someone from the past.

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