Friday, February 15, 2013

Hotel Saskatchewan (Regina)

If you have ever been to Regina I am sure you have seen this grand historic hotel.  Built in 1927 by the Canadian Pacific Railway, this grand Victorian  historic hotel looks over Victoria park in Regina. The building was built with brick as well as Tyndall stone, the same as the legislative building in Regina. This beautiful hotel was renovated in the early 1990's and was designated a heritage property in 1993. With all this history how could it not be haunted?

This grand hotel definitely has its share of guests who never checked out. Workers and guests have seen apparitions down hallways  as well as finding objects move and watching lighting fixtures sway. Staff has experienced much poltergeist activity in the hotel - floors of note include 3rd and 5th. Some of the activity has included cupboard doors open, glasses moving, blankets move, piano playing and the elevator going with no one in it. Many figures and unexplainable shadow people have been seen in the hotel. Most people say this is due to the large number of suicides that have taken place in the hotel but this is not known for sure. There is so much history attached to the hotel, the spirits could be from any era and may not have passed away in the hotel.

After spending the night in the hotel I can say that the feeling is definately different on certain floors and some unexplainable things have happened. I also spoke with some of the staff who openely admitted to the hotel being haunted and having experiences themselves.

So if you want to stay somewhere in Regina, why not stay at the Hotel Saskatchewan and see if you get a room that may already have a resident who has not left.

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