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Marr Residence (Saskatoon)

What is the Marr Residence you may ask? Well here is some background on the house before I give you the stories relating to it's history.

The Marr Residence is the oldest house in Saskatoon still standing on its original site. Built by Alexander (Sandy) Marr in 1884, it was one of the first substantial houses to appear in the original Temperance Colony of Saskatoon. Mr. Marr brought his wife and family west; drawn by the lure of homestead land and a chance to make a living in the new colony. The house and property was acquired by the City of Saskatoon in 1979 and restored to show what domestic life was like in early Saskatoon. Today, the house also features an exhibit on the relationships between settlers and First Nations during the Northwest Resistance of 1885. A second floor bedroom is dedicated to telling the story of the use of the house as a Field Hospital during the Resistance.
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So why am I telling you about this house? Well not only does it have a rich history but it is tied into many other haunted locations including the Battle of Fish creek site, the Heritage Cemetery in Saskatoon, the Stone Schoolhouse in Saskatoon.

Not only did this home suffer the death of the  mother of the family not long after a child was born but it also served as a field hospital. I don't want to state the obvious but there is a tendency to have hauntings at hospitals or locations that served as hospitals.

It is believed to have a few resident ghosts.
  • The first is believed to be an angry man, targeting women he is known to torment women in the house. 
  • The second are the ghosts of a child or children, most people claim to have seen a child standing in the front windows. I have heard this most commonly from a few people. 
  • The last is disembodied voices where people have captured evp's or have heard voices, most commonly violent and rude.

I know these are the most common stories but did you also know that there is a woman, possibly a nurse haunting the house? She can be seen in the house, sometimes in a mirror other times a full figure. She is said to be from the era the home was a field hospital, make sense right?

This house is full of history and for such a small building it has lots of offer in the area of hauntings. It is now a historic site and offers tours during the summer. So why not visit yourself and see if you can hear or see one of their resident ghosts?


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