Sunday, December 15, 2013

Fort San - Haunted: Building or Land?

As most of you may know Fort San Sanatorium has been demolished.. for the most part. There is a chunk of the main building remaining but it is boarded and both pasqua and mission lodge wings have been demolished. All the nursing houses, extra buildings, power plant and other buildings are gone as well. Of course there were many other pavilions back in the day that have been gone for many years.

I suppose your wondering why I am telling you this?

The topic of "tainted land" arises when a building is demolished. If a building is demolished, do the ghosts disappear? This leads to the question, do ghosts haunt the building or the land? I used to believe that ghosts were attached to the building, this changed after spending time in Weyburn Mental and Fort San. Both are major facilities were many people lived together and stayed until they died. Fort San of course had many more deaths but both locations have a long history in this province until there demolition.

I can remember the feeling I got while inside Fort San - a feeling that cannot be explained. The highway going by the facility was fine but as soon as you stepped on the grounds the feelings changed - its a very emotional and spiritual place. I have gone back to see the demolition of Fort San and have watched it slowly disappear but you know, that feeling I got never went away. Today I still get the feeling when I am on the grounds which leads me to believe those strong spirits that haunt the buildings are still around. They have made not just the building but the land their home and even though there home is gone they stick around.

You may not be able to experience ghosts closing doors or hear voices down long hallways where patients once lived but you can feel that emotional feeling attached to the grounds.

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