Sunday, April 15, 2012

Moosehead Inn (Kenosee Lake)

Kenosee lake is located in south east Saskatchewan. For such a small community there is a large number of documented paranormal locations within this small community. The most famous is the Moosehead Inn.
The moosehead Inn is a restaurant on the main floor and a nightclub on the upper floor. It is well documented that their is paranormal activity in this building.
 People have heard footsteps, doors slam, noises when no one is around. The owners have seen items come off the wall and heard footsteps when no one has been around. There has been occasional accounts of seeing a figure but most the activity seems to be poltergeist activity with no actual sitings of a spirit. Employees, Owners and customers alike have had experiences both upstairs and on the main level.

Other locations haunted around Kenosse Lake: The Bar Bar & Kenosee Inn -->

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