Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sinnet Road

Sinnnett was established in 1905 and consisted of the merging of 4 school districts. The first business was a blacksmith shop in 1915. Also in this year the telephone company was formed. In it's finest moments Sinnett had 2 elevators, 2 grocery stores, elementary and high schools, garage, post office, parks, rink and even an oil station. Sinnet also had the first credit union in the area.

The last business in Sinnett was closed in 1969. Today there is nothing left of Sinnett except a small plaque commemorating its existence.

The town of Sinnett may be long gone but it's apparent that not all residents have left. The road in front of the Sinnett Catholic church and cemetery has become legendary.

The road seems to be home to a ghost car. If you drive this road you may see headlights come towards you, but as you approach the hill and get on the other side you will see nothing. This has  been seen by countless eyewitnesses. Was this an old resident of Sinnett that never made it home?

Also, in Ghost Stories of Saskatchewan there is this story:  In the late 1930s, a local fellow, arriving on foot to a poker game, so shaken he could barely speak, told of an encounter with a figure he thought to be friend. As he approached it, the image exploded skyward into a huge fireball.

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